Friday, 10 October 2014

Meet Chikita

For half a day today I was the very proud owner of a new horse.

Right up until Sally arrived home from school.

Chikita arrived about nine.  Having backloaded a bull and milker and shared smoko, I had a pair of jeans pulled on and was taking her for a test-ride before my guests had chained the front gate.

It would appear she's going to fit in here very well.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A Spot of Sewing

Despite the fact that I should be ticking more pressing tasks off the list, I've had a definite hankering for sewing this past month.

Last night I completed these cushion covers, having had the fabric stashed for over a year.

During the holidays I made this dress for Sarah, pattern and fabric chosen by her.

I've also made myself a spotty dress, a patterned skirt and pair of sailor shorts.


Sunday, 5 October 2014

Never too Old

We've been soaking up every last minute of these school holidays.

It's nice to know they're not too old for a game of tiggy late on a Saturday afternoon.

Not too old to think sticking your boots on your knees is quite possibly the funniest discovery this Spring break.

Never too old old to enjoy a simple Saturday dinner of sausage rolls

and smoked pork sausages, thrown in with the hams and bacon.

Then again,

maybe some of us are feeling our age.

Friday, 3 October 2014


September came and went in such a blur that I'm still trying to catch my breath.

My photo files indicate that much more happened than was actually recorded on this blog.  And in reality far more happened than was photographed.

In an effort to catch up though, here are a few snapshots of September:

We farewelled a beautiful young teacher from our small school, off on the next exciting adventure in her life.  She and her husband will be amazing parents.

There were Monte Carlos.

We attended a Brangus bull sale in the hope of bringing home a new team member.  Unfortunately budget restrictions and bull selections weren't in perfect harmony and we came home empty-handed.  Some paddock purchases since mean an Angus and two Brangus bulls are on their way though.  We're off to the "world's biggest bull sale" this coming week and again are hopeful of bringing home a new sire.

There was more fencing.

The house was prepped for a facelift.

Wallace and Sally headed off on a grand adventure to Canberra for school camp.  They had a wonderful time and I experienced a taste of what life will be like in two short years when these two youngsters are off to boarding school.  Bitter-sweet.

Someone learnt to milk.

Our small school hosted a soccer carnival on the last day of term.  Sarah and Jess had finished school the day before and so were able to attend.  As always, there was catering.

As well as plenty of on-field action.

With two large pigs put in the cold room, there was plenty of mincing and sausage-making.

As in, in excess of sixty kilos of sausages plus another thirty kilos of bagged mince.

This batch of sausages calling for eighteen chopped onions, led my able assistant to pull out the big guns.

Sare wound the sausage machine with complete focus and limited fuss.

And then of course there was the painting ... which unlike the fencing is done and dusted!

Great work team. Back to school next week for a rest.

Right October, hit us with your best shot.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Fifty Shades of Grey?

After this week's painting project, I'm eternally grateful I don't live in a high-blocked house.  Though truth be told, even this little old house, four steps off the ground, proved too high for my ground-clutching self.  The old adage of fifteen hands being as high off the ground as I like to be all too true.

Fortunately with some cajoling the big fella came to the rescue.

Yet another rather daunting hydraulics handling scenario.

Always useful for testing marital relations.

And so at this point in time, all high areas have been under-coated as well as receiving their final two top coats.  The kids have all but finished the first top coat all round, good progress indeed.

Hopefully the fully completed reveal will come by week's end.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Operation Paintbrush

We love holidays.

Even though dreadfully exhausting.

I'm not sure who to be expecting a phone call from first:

Either the Department of Child Services for child labour infringements ... or Jalna for a Greek Yoghurt advertising campaign.

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

It goes On and On and On

I'm not sure what that song is, but it reminds me of this fencing project.

I've promised the kids a day at the beach when the never-ending saga is over.  The proviso being they have to watch me pant through a 10k run first.  Jess thinks she'll have a crack at the 5k and though Sarah too is back on the running bandwagon, she's taken it upon herself to keep an eye on the 'little kids'.  With only a month to go, there's still a whole lot of fencing left to complete, not to mention a whole lot of 'training'.

In a case of absolutely rotten timing, the few days Matthew chose to take off work were the same few days he succumbed to one of the most debilitating flus I've ever seen.  Having been through it myself the week prior, I mopped his brow and fetched his tea, just as I know he'd have done for me had he been around.  Testament to how sick he was, a Sunday doctor visit was necessary, possibly only the third in our near-nineteen years of marriage, those first two involving gaping wounds.

Fortunately those big girls were home for the weekend.  And though we left end assemblies, stays and gate hanging for the big fella, we did manage to pull a lot of wire.

Some progress at least.

And with Matthew's Mum arriving for a visit this evening, one really should be vacuuming .... not blogging!


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