Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Oh Melbourne Town ...

... I think I like you.

The big fella and I've just returned from a weekend in Melbourne.  With more cattle embryo work scheduled for yesterday (Monday) to the capital's west, we decided to take the weekend off and slink into the cooling embrace of the deep south.  

We took in the sites, shopped and ate well.

It was wonderful.

Of course we also worked.
A 4 am start (3 o'clock Queensland time) yesterday to flush eleven cows and transfer some eighty-something embryos.

A good day.
We left Victoria's glorious eleven degree morning to land straight back into forty degrees in sunny Central Queensland.

My favourite part of flying being the luxury of daytime reading.
Currently working my way through Ms Gillard's memoirs.
That Kevin certainly was a problem.

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Seachange

Not wishing our Texan visitor Alex to return to the States thinking Australia consisted of only flies, heat, dust and drought, yesterday we headed east.

Despite the usual rule of children only being granted absence from school in the presence of blood, fever, protruding bones or preferably a combination of all of the above, Wallace and Sally were yesterday granted leave.

After a hearty beachside breakfast, we travelled to Cooberrie Wildlife Sanctuary to take in some native Australian fauna ...

... and then back to the beach ...

It was a wonderful change of scenery. And a reminder of what beauty lies right on our doorstep.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

On This Day ...

Alex (our Texan visitor) and I headed to Bottle Tree to pump water.

On this day we found new calves littering every paddock.

On this day, we found dam intruders we'd rather not have,

though some preferable to others.

Which has of course set in action a whole new sequence of events.  Thankfully this old darling was able to get her feet back under her and was gently manoeuvred to safer ground.  We'll be back tomorrow to check she hasn't re-entered the danger zone as they're prone to do.

On this day,

we were a little dismayed to see this smoke action coming from the neighbour's hills, awfully close to our boundary.

On this day we farewelled an amazing old friend.

Goodbye darling Wahoo.  And thank you.

On this day nineteen years ago ...

I had no clue.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

It's a Sign

It may not be a sign of impending rain ...

but definitely one of change afoot.  Wallace and Sally assisted with hanging the 'For Sale' sign on the gate this past week.

I'm still struggling to comprehend that end of year is approaching, though Friday night's Presentation Night at the big girls' school was a definite sign.

Of course the little girl was a ring-in.  I'm missing those big girls terribly, they've only been home one weekend this term, and won't be home again until end of year.  Term 4's a busy one.  Luckily end of year for them is only two and a half short weeks away.

Our usual breakfast fare of bacon and eggs ...

... a sign we've no fear of saturated fat.

Waiting for Dad to turn up on the dozer.  A sure sign of boredom.

Flowering begonias.  A sign that at only $2 a pot from Bunnings, it doesn't matter if I kill them.

Now ... let's just hope for some signs of rain all over this dry state in weeks to come.

Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh Boy!

It's been a full weekend at Rock Wallaby ... and not all work-related.  But first and foremost in our minds this evening is that we are a family of three.

The big girls are in town at school and Wallace is also.  Experiencing the first of two nights of a transitional experience readying him (and Mum) for next year's boarding school adventure.

He is fortunate to have good friends from our small school also in attendance, as well as two older sisters.  Though boys and girls are located on different campuses there is comfort in the fact that we are aware of procedures, rules and are familiar with routines and staff members ... wonderful people that they are.

Of course Sal's main concern on arrival home was the fact that she was rostered on all chores.  I can see Mum's name having to be added to the list next year.

So I'm currently feeling a little fragile ... but also well aware that this is all part of the process.

Though I do wish we could stop time.

Monday, 27 October 2014

A Girl and her Horse

With one buster already under her belt, Sal's enthusiasm for my horse hasn't waned.

The fall provided a good lesson in checking the girth.

And wearing a helmet.

With bulls to go out at Bottle Tree in coming weeks, looks like Mum will be back on Warrior, the rogue pony.


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