Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Happy Birthday

Kids birthdays always seem to be a day of reflection. Even moreseo when your firstborn reaches double digits. So in between moving round bales, reflecting on the last ten years and unblocking the grey-water issue (that smell brings you back to the present with a jolt), we managed to whip up a chocolate cake. The birthday girl was suitably unimpressed that it wasn't one from the pages of the 'kids birthday cakes' book, but having produced approximately 27 masterpieces from this journal, I've brought in the new family rule that when you reach double-digits, you're too old for fancy cakes. Tough, but hey, I'm over it.
Unfortunately the day ended poorly with the 'vomiting' bug paying a visit through the night....advice to fellow parents, when somebody calls 'Mummy' in the middle of the night, move fast, very fast. We now wait for the little critter to spread his joy through the whole family.
But to my beautiful oldest daughter, thankyou for ten wonderful years - looking forward to the next ten.

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