Sunday, 26 July 2009

Another Week Down

It would be nice to wind down at the end of a busy weekend with a relaxing drink, and the delicate aroma of lasagne wafting from the kitchen, without a child squealing from the bathroom that "there's no water". This involves a car trip, 2 gates and some tap-changing. The irrigator will enjoy a spell while we divert some water up the hill.

Spent the day at "Chabo" sorting out cattle. We've started moving weaners from here to there, had females to put out in the mountain country, and some more young bulls to come home. As every rural partnership will testify, the only ingredients required for some marital disharmony are cattle, yards and a drafting stick. Throw in a couple of self-inflicted headaches from a prior afternoon spent at the races, and conflict is guaranteed. Introduce a neighbour's cow with a personality disorder and it can only go one way. As I like to say, all's well that ends well.

And tomorrow involves some bull-buyers visiting. Always a positive sign when they say they're only coming to look but they're coming in the truck. Last time these fellas came we managed to send them home with two pigs and a dog as well as a body load of bulls. So here's to a fruitful start to the week.

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