Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Babies Abound

Our rather brown Winter landscape is interspersed with little white dots this week, which on closer inspection are indeed baby calves.

We have 8 new E/T (Embryo-Transfer) babies on the ground. All due last Thursday, but managed to spread it out over a week. 7 heifers and 1 lonely little bull. Mother Nature's brilliance usually evens up this ratio by the end of the season, (fingers-crossed).

The fencing came to a rather abrupt halt after Matthew was summonsed back to work last Thursday and Friday. My hands are still sporting the scars of tangling with barbed wire. I had work gloves in the ute, but strangely enough, as so often happens with all things meant to be in pairs, there was only one to be found. It was possibly all a little ironic with Michael Jackson being laid to rest during the week. We may dedicate this section of boundary fence to him. Anyway that's another job on the "to do" list.

Kids returned rather glum-faced to school today. We had a really great break from routine with flushing, mustering, weaning, fencing, shopping, visiting all involved. I'm sorry to see them go back, and Sally's particularly lost today. Especially as I wanted to get some work finished in the house, not her cup of tea at all. Have been busily making some new school skorts for Sarah, who seems to have had a little growth spurt. So it's a much quieter house today.

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