Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Bulls are Gone!

People shouldn't chase cattle in cars. That's why there are horses. But sometimes when darkness is approaching and there are still a few heifers in the yards needing to be put back to a paddock, it seems the quickest solution. Unfortunately it often isn't. And sometimes your blood pressure rises to such a frightening degree that you cannot be held responsible for your actions. I usually know when I've reached this point, because the frightened children start pulling desperately at their seat belts, trying to at least save themselves. And sometimes when it's really dry, as it currently is, you lose sight of the cattle in the self-propelling dust-storm created by the circle-work you are doing round and round a self-feeder. The 5 nasty heifers are back in their paddock now.

The bull buyers came and went, leaving us with 9 less bulls. They enjoyed a hearty smoko, but despite our best efforts left without any additional dogs, pigs, chooks, horses or kids. Just bulls.

Truck's on the ramp now waiting to load another group of weaners for a trip to Chabo today. Will be a clock-watching day trying to get there and back in school hours.

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