Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chivalry is Alive and least at Stanwell.

Chabo view

Those little black dots in the centre are exploring weaners

More exploring weaners

Well I've decided I don't want to be a truckie when I grow up. Two days in the Hino and at least the weaners are now all safely delivered to Chabo. Unfortunately things ended poorly with a blown front tyre at Stanwell on the way home. After much scowling, some cussing, and even more muttering I'd managed to at least find the jack and associated implements when a knight in shining armour pulled up and asked us 'ladies' if we'd like some assistance. That was the highlight of Sally's day, she's never been thought of as a lady before.

We limped into Rocky then, left the truck at the tyre-shop, borrowed a car and raced for home to meet the bus. Truck will be ready tomorrow.

My plans for tomorrow are a bit banged about now that they've cancelled the teachers' strike. We had a day of cow-wrangling lined up while the ringers were home. May have to wait until the weekend. Matthew's enjoying the hospitality Blackall has to offer at the moment.

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