Thursday, 9 July 2009

Some Days are Diamond

I wasn't even born when our sisters burnt their bras and demanded equality. And as much as I admire their conviction and applaud their achievements, I have days when I'd be happy to revert to a simpler way of life. A time when men went out to do battle with the elements and the lady of the house stayed home and was exactly that. Some days I'd rather not have to pull on my work boots, but instead pad around the house in my slippers picking up a few toys, making a few beds, washing a few dishes and ensuring dinner was in the oven when the man of the house returned.

Instead I find myself heading out every morning to feed bulls, cast an eye over some cows, run lick, check waters, move irrigators, needle recips, AI heifers, feed chooks, pigs and dogs and still ensure dinner is in the oven when the man of the house returns. And some days it all runs smoothly and the jobs that have to be done are done with ease. But some days are stone. Some days the travelling irrigator has lost the urge to travel, some days a calf has been rudely deposited into a molasses trough, some days a trough float has become dislodged and let forth 30,000 gallons of water into the surrounds, some days the sale bulls manage to lift a gate off its hinges and become acquainted with the AI heifers, some days the weaners find it all too frightening being out in a big paddock on their own, so take out a couple of panels of fence overnight, some days a newborn baby calf can't work out which end of its mum to get a drink from.......and it's on these days I wish for a little less equality, and a whole lot more chivalry.

But as the bank manager won't allow our man of the house to stay home and play farmer, the equality shall continue. And our three girls and boy will grow up all the better for it. Dinner might be late making it to the table some nights, we often sleep in beds that haven't been made, sometimes you need to wear your socks in the house to stop the dirt sticking to your feet, but mum and dad respect each other and what each has to do, and that's real equality.

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