Friday, 24 July 2009

Friday Fun

Fridays are always a big deal in this household. No moreso than when they involve some blue ribbons, some red ribbons, and even yellow ribbons. A glorious Winters day in the tropics, bordering on a little too warm if one wants to complain. But who could complain after such a day. Children returned home happy and tired.

This young fellow is an action study in the serious contemplation that precedes annihilating the opposition in the high jump event. Who'd have thought?

Who'd have thought the jumping genes were present in this little body. Matthew believes he was switched at birth. I believe he's a natural athlete. He wants to be a footballer after all. I believe he's far too smart for that to ever be an option.

He can also run really fast. Took a super stumble in his sprint, saved himself and kept on going to bring home second place. There's always next year buddy.

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  1. My brother attended Marlborough College here in Wiltshire, UK!



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