Friday, 17 July 2009

Winter is Upon Us

"Look what I found in the chook house"

'Tis a cold and blustery day at Rock Wallaby. Sheets of dust keep moving up and down the road, making you take a second look for a vehicle. Feels particularly droughty. 14 weeks since we've measured a drop of rain. Which should serve as a reminder to all to be particularly fire-safe. I returned from town yesterday evening to see a very large burnt area near the chook-house. Seems the master of the house had taken his eye off the ball. He butchered a pig yesterday, which of course involves hot water for scalding purposes, so we generally light a fire under a drum, ensuring someone always stays on post. All's well that ends well I suppose.

The sacrificial pig is to be part of party festivities for Grandad's birthday party tomorrow evening. Party preparations are in full swing. Cake in the oven as we speak. Should be a great evening with family coming from far afield to help celebrate.

Much to be done in the meantime. Best get to it.

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