Sunday, 19 July 2009

The Sacrificial Pig

What a wonderful weekend! The kids and I headed for town early Saturday morning with a car laden with excitement and eager anticipation of catching up with distant cousins, playing with helium-filled balloons and eating cake. There were also far too many pairs of shoes, much cooking equipment, and two large chocolate cakes, just waiting to be layered, smeared with chocolate cream, cherry ganache and liqueur. Daddy followed by about lunchtime with a car full of dead pig ready to go on the spit (he secretly likes balloons too).

We enjoyed a really terrific evening of catching up with good friends and family who we just don't get to see often enough. Combined with a feast fit for a king, a 2 litre bottle of 15 year aged Rum and much reminiscing, we managed to solve many political problems of the country, re-write the constitution and poorly sing a few Kris Kristofferson masterpieces.

It wasn't a particularly momentous birthday age to reach, but why not celebrate them all. In fact I don't think it need even be your birthday. Here's to many more Grandad.

....and here's to the guest who turned up with an esky brimming with mud crabs. You're welcome anytime!

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