Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Winter is No Longer Upon Us

View from our front verandah this evening

So Winter came and went over the weekend. We're back to days in the high 20's. After enduring two very cold winters over the last two years followed by two very good wet seasons, we're a little concerned that following this mild winter may be not such a good wet summer. They're already talking El Nino, if you care to believe everything you hear.

We have a very sick little girl in our midst today. Woke up with tummy ache and has deteriorated throughout the day. Managed to come on a molasses run, only to be very sick along the way, is now curled up in a lounge chair with a bucket by her side.

Matthew returned home early to spread a ton of fertiliser on the lucerne, but alas, I can hear him still bashing away at the spreader as I type. Much of our farming equipment would be viewed as antiquities to those in the know. To us they're valuable items of plant, and even though they've already started and finished on someone else's depreciation schedule, they've still a way to go on ours. We find if you start most jobs with a spanner in one hand and a prayer book in the other, the job usually gets done, not always on time, but generally within a loosely constructed time-frame.

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