Sunday, 2 August 2009

Another Day in the Saddle

After an hour and a half of chasing horses and finally catching and saddling them, my mind wandered back to a time when the children were babies and we had no other option but to muster in utes and on bikes. In hindsight it was probably a lot quicker.

But I guess not as much fun?!?
For the kids at least.

Finished the last of our preg-testing and drafted some cattle up. Cows and baby calves going into the fresh lane. A couple of skinny old milkers kept in close to enjoy some grain until it rains. Poor old darlins don't handle our dry conditions too well. I think they might yearn for some sweet southern clover.

Matthew and the kids had some pig-cutting duties to perform at one of the neighbours and have headed off to perform these neighbourly niceties. Along the way they are also releasing the pet turtles we were so lucky to acquire at Easter time last year. After eighteen months of trying to convince the kids they'd be much happier back in their natural surrounds, I've finally had a win. Farewell Crush and Squirt. Swim free.

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