Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Three of our four children had the good manners to be born in daylight hours.

But not Sally Louise.

This baby of ours made her entry into the world while the moon and stars were shining. About ten minutes after daddy came crashing through the door of the delivery room, panting for breath. And I've a feeling it won't be the last time we'll be up at 2:23 am waiting for her arrival.

I remember leaving hospital with her, and making a quick stop at Target to pick up some 'baby supplies'. A sweet baby-loving lady asked Matthew if she was our first. "No, this is definitely the last", he was quick to point out. What a shame.

And today she is five.

And she's giving up sucking her thumb.

And next year she's going to break her mother's heart when she heads off to school.

Happy birthday Sal.

You'll always be our baby.


  1. Happy birthday to your babygirl! My youngest son just turned 5, my only daughter, 3. Each day is long, but when I look up they've gotten sneaky and flown by!

    How did she kick the thumb?




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