Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Home Made

These are two of the team heading to the 'World's Biggest Bull Sale' in October. We're particularly proud of this year's team. Not only are we happy with the bulls, we made them ourselves.

It's three years this week since we were trained in the 'science' of embryo-transfer, and these bulls are two of the first drop of calves we ever 'made'. Our wonderful little Indian teacher (all five feet of him - Matthew literally towered over him) Dr Dan Jillella, was a pioneer in the field of embryo work and was involved in much of the research that has helped take the stud cattle industry to such heights. He was a wonderful teacher and we will forever be indebted to him for sharing his knowledge (and his magnificent curries).

It still gives me a buzz to think we take a microscopic embryo, 1/6 of a millimetre in diameter (and its tiny brothers and sisters) from its superovulated mama,

.... rinse and grade it in a petrie dish, handle it with tiny pipettes, suck it up into a straw and place it ever so gently into the body of another mama cow, who births it, raises it and loves it as her own.

Sometimes they really must wonder who the heck their baby takes after!!!

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