Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Again!

'Twas a rather horticultural weekend at RockWallaby, with vegetative (?) pursuits in both the lucerne paddock and the houseyard. Grass had to be sprayed out of the lucerne, and my poor long-suffering roses enjoyed some tender loving care. Close inspection of my thumb indicates no shade resembling anything like green. Mowing, hedge-trimming and digging......who said gardening was relaxing?

Fred the wonder-dog has gone off visiting some lady friends. A planned visit. It seems his talents are in demand statewide. Steel, son of Fred is one of the results of the last visit. That time, Bronze the mummy dog came to stay with us, but as the children are still recovering from the trauma, we thought it best that he go away this time. His services are required with two girls this visit, both trial dogs, so we look forward to a couple of new puppies here in the months to come. Meanwhile I'm missing Fred, and with a paddock to come in tomorrow, Sal and I will have to be content with yelling at each other.

The children, in their infinite wisdom, created a 'toy' for their own amusement yesterday, that I shouldn't even write about for fear of having the 'safety police' onto us. They found an old board, attached some baling-twine as a handle, a long rope from it to the quad-bike, and away they went, bouncing and jolting across the many rocks in the house-paddock, on their sled. Most unbelievably, there haven't even been any gravel-rashed elbows to report......yet.

With another 26 ton of molasses rolling through the gate yesterday, I'd best be on my way, working on emptying the tank again.

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  1. I am not sure how I got here but I sure did enjoy reading through your blog. I am a farmgirl too and it is sure interesting reading how you live. I love your cattle they have such sweet faces. Stop over and visit me at my farm--hope you will leave a comment too so I know you were there.



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