Thursday, 6 August 2009

Outlook Fine & Dry

Man, it's dry.

You'll all soon be sick of hearing this from me I'm sure. You'll all be wishing for the rain as much as we are. Just so I stop whinging about it.

At least after many years of living through drought we're better prepared for it. All our Stage 1 Drought Strategies are now in place. Cows on molasses supplement, young bulls on grain, cows and calves in a fresh paddock. Just means a lot more work and a lot more expense. But we're certainly not alone, it's the hot topic at every social long will we have to wait for the rain?

...On the bright side, I'm having no trouble getting the washing dry.


  1. It's strange to read this, as from our perspective (Canberra) Victoria was burnt off the map at the same time as Queensland was washed away. So didn't you guys get any of that rain, or is it just that you haven't had any rain since then?

  2. I came over from Raising Country Kids and LOVE your blog. I'm a self professed ignorant Wisconsin gal, so please bear with me as my only reference for Australia, which is half a world away for me, is the movie... Australia. Does "the wet" really roll in like that? Praying you get some rain and relief soon.


  3. I shouldn't be complaining so bitterly about the dry yet, I'm just a little nervous as we've had some very bad years previously. Last 2 years have been good however. Our last rain was in February, nothing since. We missed the flood rains (thankfully) that were received in other parts of the state. Carolynn, the wet does roll in, in the norther part of the country. We aren't that far north. Looking at a map of Australia, we're about half way down the eastern coast.



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