Monday, 24 August 2009

A Quick Trip to the Tropics

We've just enjoyed a wonderful weekend away.

After much extra feeding of animals, checking waters, filling tanks, we grabbed the kids off the school bus Friday afternoon, ran them through the shower, threw them in the packed car and headed north. Why is it that the 'prone to travel sickness' child can nearly always keep it at bay until we reach the destination. Nearly. "What colour was it Mum?" 300 kilometres, and 1.2 k's from my brother's place, we had to do the screaming pull-over so Jess could jump out and lose her afternoon smoko.

After a lovely catch-up with my brother's family, we hooked up their camper-trailer Saturday morning and continued our journey north. Another 200 kilometres, unlimited backseat squealing and some squabbling, saw us reach beautiful tropical Bowen, now so well-known as the venue of much of the filming of 'Australia'. We even drove past the pub which was the venue of Drover's fight scene as Nicole Kidman came off the boat. (That seemed to mean something to the kids).

As they continued to reel off quotes from the film about "cheeky bloody mickey bulls" and "big bloody metal ships" we enjoyed fish and chips on the beach, and climbed a few trees.

Further north we travelled for "Salisbury Plains", home of my beautiful friend Sue who was celebrating her 40th birthday. Sue and I have known each other for over 20 years, and fallen in and out of touch over the years since. She's one of those true friends though, that regardless of the weeks, months or years since your last contact, it's as though it was only yesterday.

So after a super Saturday night celebration, very little sleep, and a big barbecue Sunday brunch, we turned around and headed for home.

At least the noise from the backseat was a little more subdued on the return trip.

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