Saturday, 1 August 2009

Water Boy

Today's main focus was to install this trough in a lane full of grass so that we can put some cows and calves in there. Previously when we needed the grass we've simply opened up the lane to the adjoining paddock. Now this will mean that we can run it as it's own little entity. Firstly however this involved changing a tyre on the loader which proved more difficult than one might think, thus the forks on the tractor came into play.

Next we had to dig a hole over the top of the existing pipe-line, again easier said than done. As the hole grew wider we wondered if we'd ever stumble across the line. As one can see, we did.

Jess didn't realise that although we'd turned the valve off at the tank, the 2000 gallons of water already in the line had to go somewhere.

It was then just a case of sitting back, enjoying the view.

...until boredom overtook and they all had to lend a hand. Naturally many fights ensued over who used which shovel. I wonder if such enthusiasm will continue into their teens.

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