Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Come Back Soon

Well, it's true what they say.

Find a little bit of gold, and the rellies turn up.

We've just farewelled Matthew's unashamedly favourite Uncle Ross and the indomitable Aunty Liz. And what a really lovely few days it's been. Unfortunately it didn't end well, with Ross' car not quite high enough off the ground to best handle our 'horrifically in need of repair' road. As they set off yesterday morning on the great southern journey towards their New South Wales home, a wayward rock managed to wreak havoc on the Yaris' underbelly.

So we spent a day hauling a rather bashed about little car into town on the back of a car-trailer we managed to beg/borrow/steal, to be gobsmacked by a $5000 repair quote, and the fact that it would take two weeks to be again roadworthy.

So with Plan Q now underway, Matthew has deposited Ross and Liz at the car-rental office, so they can continue their southbound trek, stopping off for a visit with Matthew's folks, before returning to the deep south. Only to turn around in a fortnight to collect their repaired vehicle.

On the bright side, at least we'll get another chance to catch up. Twice in ten years, all in two weeks!


  1. Hi! I popped over here from Raising Country Kids, I really like your blog! I live on a ranch in New Mexico.

  2. Gobsmacked, what a great word! Um, of course, not so great for their car/ wallets. But like I say, life is in the details and it's all blogging fodder. Plus, there's no accidents in the Kingdom; have a great time reconnecting!




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