Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Face Not Even a Mother Could Love

This little fella's arrival was not too different from the many others who've been born this season. Not the soft, green surround that we would like for our babies, but instead a dry and dusty landscape that does little to provide a warm welcome to the world. And as he sat up, wrinkled his nose and enjoyed his first breaths of warm air, the dust stuck to his slimy coat and he looked around for his mum. His mother took a brief look, one sniff and turned and walked away.

She never looked back. Obviously had a different life plan.

And so baby got a ride on the four-wheeler that afternoon, slung rather unceremoniously across the seat, bouncing to the yards. His wicked loveless mother got chased to the yards and baby enjoyed his first drink, up the crush. We did this for four days so he could enjoy the benefits of mum's early milk.

Then we introduced him to Olga:

And he fell in love.

And Olga's a very sharing Mummy. And now he has a big sister and a mum who may not totally love him, but at least tolerates him.

...and next time you enjoy a Big Mac you can think of his real Mum.


  1. What cute pictures! A good nurse cow is priceless!

  2. So true Jennifer.
    We have about 6 milking cows, who inevitably get called upon throughout the calving season to help out.
    Worth their weight in gold.

  3. Who couldn't love that face? I'd like to print him out and post him on my refrigerator! His mama on the other hand, may be IN it. Just sayin.

    Blessings, C~



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