Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Welcome Spring

"Mummy, did you kick at your belly like that when you were having a baby?"
"No Sally, but I wanted to kick Daddy".

Sally and I enjoyed being present for the birth of a bouncing baby bull today. He's the last of this round, with next flush due in a fortnight. We're so happy with these calves, all by a bull called JDH Riddell who we haven't used before. It's always with some trepidation you wait for calves by a bull you haven't used, but so far, so good.

Spring is upon us, and has brought with it a change in weather conditions, albeit a strange one. We farewelled Winter with record-breaking highs of 35 C, so are pleased to have conditions back to somewhat 'normal'. But, oh so dry. Made worse today by the terrible smoke haze surrounding us. Very worrying. But every day is a day closer to rain. September is notoriously dry for us, but we can often look forward to storms in October.

Bull-selling season has kicked off. Simmentals were this Monday, Brangus Tuesday. We made it out Monday afternoon for the pre-sale inspection of Brangus bulls and a catch-up with some fellow bull-breeders. We're looking to buy a bull at Brahman Week this year. A rather daunting task. It's easy enough picking the fellas that are going to make the big money, picking one that's still good but will fit within your budget is the challenge. Made all the more difficult as our bulls sell very late in the sale, so you're not sure just how far you should extend yourself before your own go under the hammer.

If it hasn't rained by then, we might just have to forget about the bull and bring home another load of lick...

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  1. I Love your blog, even if days like today, I can't understand half of it, and we speak the same language. :)

    We're moving into Autumn in Wisconsin; we really are half a world away, huh?




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