Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Well there was no threat of ambush on the rounds yesterday, not with Mustang Sal riding shotgun. We found a dead dingo along the way. Neighbour Frank was baiting last week, obviously it's working. The kids headed off to investigate as soon as they were off the bus and Sally had spread the word.

The August winds have arrived, a little late, but just as unwelcome now as they would have been last month. Good for windmills and not much else. I foolishly washed some windows late in the afternoon, to have sheet after sheet of dust hit them. Enough to stop me trying any more of that foolery.

Father's Day was a relaxed day. As well as becoming our annual "Sale Bull-Semen testing" day, it's a nice chance to have a day with some friends. They came to visit with their three offspring. 7 youngsters in the house, what a mess. It's an added benefit that Susie is also a vet, so as well as a little chocolate cake, some of Jessie's special jamdrops, a couple of cold beers, some perfectly barbecued steak, an earthy potato salad, there was also a little scrotal measuring, some teeth-checking and some semen-testing. And they'll all make wonderful fathers - how fitting.

All roads now lead to Brahman Week.

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  1. Your windows remind me of my laundry. Just when I've got it handled (and so proud of the effort!) one strong wind (read: my kiddies) blows through and I'm back to square 1. For what it's worth, Gold Star for trying!

    Loved your comment on the labor post, yep, I too thought, there Must be a way out of this. Years later I'm so glad there wasn't.

    Happy Father's Day to your Dads. :)




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