Thursday, 22 October 2009

Another 26 Ton

Another 26 ton of molasses drove through the gate yesterday.

Much to the delight of some hungry old cows. And some hungry young ones. I'd ordered it three weeks ago knowing we still had 2 weeks worth up our sleeve. Due to current demand though, the two week waiting period was stretched to 3, meaning the cows have gone without this past week. It's been hard to drive around here, with the old darlings watching your every move and demanding to know where their lick is. They've come in from all the furthest paddocks to stand at the nearest gate and demand attention.

We're all relieved that they'll have full bellies this morning, with the molasses trailer running nearly dizzy from the amount of loads going out yesterday.

Unfortunately our supplier tells us they've nearly reached their allowable quota from the mills for the year, leaving us in a position of having to source molasses from possibly further north. Fingers crossed the rain will come before this tank is used.


  1. We used to feed molasses, they licked it off a wheel thingamajig though.
    I'm not sure why we stopped, that was back when I was little. ;)

  2. Looks like chocolate mousse to me - yum yum!



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