Monday, 12 October 2009

We're Back

Well here we are back from our southern bull-selling jaunt.
We sit with the 'Great Book of Bull-Selling Excuses' resting firmly on our knee. Flipping through we find many tales of woe that can be blamed for us not achieving as good a result as we would have liked.

Page 7. Subheading 8: Seasonal Conditions.
Page 13. Subheading 3: Global Financial Crisis.
Page 27. Subheading 2: No. of Bulls exceeds Demand.
Page 63. Subheading 9: Late Draw in Sale
Page 127. Subheading 2: First bullsale of the Season.

I won't bore you with the details.

The upside is that we were able to purchase a new bull far cheaper than we'd expected.

And we love him.


  1. Yes it was a very ugly sale.
    The Phantom Sale Commentor.

  2. Actually I think it was character building. Better luck next time gang!
    Old Nev.

  3. What is this new lovely bull called?

  4. Lindsay, his name is "King Willie".
    Not his official stud title, but the one that has stuck.

  5. That's a good-looking bull! The cattle market isn't very good here either. :(



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