Tuesday, 10 November 2009

...and then it Rained

Whilst not drought-breaking, we've enjoyed 34 beautiful "listen-to-it-on-the-rooftop" millimetres (136 points) of rain in the past twenty-four hours. Maybe not drought-breaking, but very spirit-lifting. And it hasn't gone yet.

On the strength of it, we plunged straight into our first ET program of the year today, with CIDR's inserted into recips and donors, first phase of a program to flush on Saturday, November 28.

It's been a lovely feeling to flick mud off your boots at the back door.

Meanwhile Sally's spent most of the day searching for tadpoles. Won't have it that they need longer than twelve hours for eggs to be laid, hatched and tadpoles emerged. It'll take a braver soul than me to argue with her!


  1. Puddles - such a welcome sight. Here's to more rain.

  2. My monies on rain at Christmas-New Year.
    Old Nev.

  3. Yay! It's so wonderful when that rain finally comes!

  4. Ah, nothing like the smell and sound of rain on the roof after a dry spell. Here's to some more to come your way (but not too much :)



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