Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Makin' Babies

Today saw the start of our donor-needling program.

A torrid time for the dear girls as they endure four days of morning and evening jabs.

They are so very tolerant and well-behaved. By Day Four they almost line themselves up for you.

Actually that's not always the case. Two Christmases ago we were heading down to the beach for a few days break. We'd lined our donors up, they were to be AI'd on the Tuesday evening, we were heading off for the beach next day, returning to flush the following week.

The very last cow up the crush (a big giant of a cow who just happens to be in this group we're needling now) kicked back at the gate, slamming it into my face. My first concern was my teeth, as blood gushed down my chin. After a quick feel that all teeth were still firmly in place my attention turned to my forehead which was throbbing and an ostrich-egg sized protrusion was well .....protruding.

By next morning when we set off to the beach, the protrusion had somewhat subsided, but as a reminder of the occasion I had two great black eyes and a busted lip. Looked much like a racoon that had taken on a Ford Louisville and lost. Spent my whole holiday in dark glasses and floppy hat skulking in corners, hiding myself from the crowds who kept glaring at Matthew.
Here's hoping there'll be no such repeat performances this week.


  1. Mrs Noakes is there anything you can't do? Now you've made this beautiful blog and the photos are gorgeous. Cheers from your City Cousin!

  2. So pleased to have you on board City Cousin. Didn't realise my ramblings had reached so far south!



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