Tuesday, 3 November 2009

No Place Like Home

After moving mountains to get away to the Gold Coast for a birthday celebration for Matthew's beautiful younger sister Saturday night, we were happy to walk into our magnificent room at the Sheraton Mirage. Dumping luggage, Matthew was quick to make us a drink, jump on the super-sized bed and hit the TV remote to find MacGyver screening. No siree, it just don't get better than this.

After a magnificent evening, followed by a super-sized buffet breakfast-cum-lunch we rolled ourselves back onto the plane for the trip home. What a wonderful time we had and even though only one night, it provided a great escape from the harsh reality of home at the moment. It also made me realise I would never trade my lifestyle. Well except maybe some of that soft clear shower water which lathers soap like I could only dream about. Or maybe the King sized bed just made for four squirming kids to squeeze in between Mum and Dad. Or maybe more of those 9:30 breakfasts.

But the people, oh the people, nothing wrong with the people, just soooo many of them. All crammed into a very small space. It was refreshing to touch-down in our hometown, and look out across the tarmac at a dry dusty vista all the way back to the mountains. Not a high-rise in sight. And then to bump into 3 people you know at the airport. That didn't happen in the south.

After a week which included losing a tank of molasses, putting down one of the kids' horses, two flat tyres and a speeding ticket (don't look at me), it was a most welcome break.


  1. Those getaways are always so nice! But your right, no matter the hardships there is no place like home!
    Especially when home is away from the crowds. ;)

  2. Well all I can say is you certainly added to the glamour of the Gold Coast if only for a day.
    Ol Nev.



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