Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Had I been asked last week what I thought this contraption was, I would have had to say I had no idea. Or hang on, is it a mailbox?

But of course, now I know it is a state-of-the-art Matthew-made 'Texas-Barbecue-Smoker'.

Of course.

Note the various levers that must be in just such a position for the best result.

Our smoker had its inaugural run on Sunday evening.

Let's just say I'm not pulling the Chef wall oven out anytime soon.

But this little beauty is going to be a major contributing factor in the production of bacon, hams and all manner of smoked goodies in the months to come.

Quick, somebody go throw Charlotte another feed.


  1. I, really don't know just what to say, Its just a thing of beauty. I would have expected no less from the famous 'Chuck'.
    Old Nev.

  2. LoL! Looks like quite the contraption! But hey, if it works!

  3. Fantastic! I would change Charlotte's name to "Delicious".

  4. Well hello, I found you as I was commenting on a blog (Ranch Girl) Love your place. My husband is always saying how one day we will take a trip to see Australia. I have cousins that live in New Zealand. (I have only met them once or twice) Beautiful pictures. Love your cattle,they are so different from the one we have:)Ours seem so plain now ha ha

  5. Oh and I forgot to say, Your blog name caught my eye, because it was similar to mine;)



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