Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Winners are Grinners

Whilst I didn't manage to back the winner of yesterday's Melbourne Cup, I did make it to the winner's circle. Glammed up in our best racing attire, about 70 other local ladies and myself headed for Marlborough Hall for a wonderful day of drought-forgetting festivity, including a beautiful morning tea and lunch, chilled champagne, fashion parades and the 'delayed telecast' of the big race.

Purchasing my 'age' on the lucky number board proved to be a very smart move. Never have I been more grateful to be 39, when my number was drawn and I was announced winner of '2 nights accommodation in a two bedroom, two bathroom lagoon apartment' at 'Beaches on Lammermoor'. So as soon as it rains, you won't see us for dust, figuratively speaking. Still haven't wiped the smile off my face.

I also had the opportunity to model an 80 year old beautiful satin wedding gown, belonging to the mother of one of our local residents. With approximately 140 buttons and hoops down the back of the dress, it was quite an effort getting into it. Can only imagine the impatience of getting out of it on wedding night!

On another bright note, a load of replacement molasses is arriving tomorrow morning. No guesses how I'll be filling in my day.



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