Monday, 14 December 2009

11 More Sleeps

My beautiful little fantasy of the whole family happily erecting the Christmas Tree, hanging decorations, whispering excitedly, assisting each other with placement advice, whilst humming carols was dashed when I returned from the yards this morning to find the job done and dusted. The tree was up, candles placed on any flat surface deemed suitable, wreaths hung and a selection of empty boxes and bags strewn across the loungeroom floor. Admittedly I was delayed a couple of hours, having found two new babies in need of some assistance to find the 'milky' end of their mums.

So, moving right along to Plan B of family togetherness. The harmonious gathering together of children to partake in the delights of Christmas baking. And it actually went quite beautifully. Maybe a little 'goodwill' and 'peace to all' is settling over us, along with the dust.

Or just maybe I'm getting a little more tolerant.
What's a little mess?

A whole lot of fun.

And just look at these beauties.

Good enough to eat.


  1. They have to be the best cookies/biscuits i have seen posted on a blog so far. I want one :)



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