Saturday, 12 December 2009

I Don't Mean to Brag...

Is it politically correct to use your blog as a brag-book for your kids?

I'll assume it is.

Last night as they read the awards out for 'Academic Excellence' in the three school age groups:

Junior Division: Wallace
Intermediate: Jessie
Senior: Sarah,

two parental hearts swelled with pride.

Okay, so it's not a very big school, but hey, we could mix it with the city folk.

This young lady in particular, made us so proud, as she's put in a super-sized effort these last two terms, and its paid off.

Not just a pretty face!


  1. Dare I say small country schools are fabulous launching pads. Well done and revel in it.

  2. You are SO allowed to brag on your blog! Isn't it gratifying to see your child's hard work and persistence being rewarded? Well done clever girl! Meredith xo.

  3. Granndy and Old Nev say really well done you smart little dudes.

  4. well done! I agree small schools are just the best place to start your education. Fantastic kids, hope you enjoy your holidays.

  5. Peter, Dinah, Jack and BenSat Dec 19, 09:51:00 pm GMT+10

    Excellent guys and girls, we are very proud of you all. xxxx



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