Monday, 14 December 2009

Is the Bike Alright?

Should have realised the goodwill and feeling of family harmony was too good to be true. After Christmas Tree erection and Gingerbread cookie creation, I should have let the bulls stay exactly where they were.

Instead I thought I'd do the right thing and put them into our currently-defunct hay paddock, so they could savour what's left of the struggling lucerne. In hot pursuit of one young bull who was apparently quite happy right where he was, the bike and I parted company. Upon hitting a rather deep hole at speed, which I spied all too late, I took the low road, the four-wheeler the high. In an effort to save an already sore shoulder I let my face take the brunt of the damage. In hindsight, not such a smart move. As I sat in the dirt and bawled like my five year old, gingerly touching parts of me that hurt, every bending part of my body seemed to be grazed. In my forlorn and hurting state, I decided I don't want to do this anymore. I want a house in town with a pool, a big cool blue pool, a fan-forced oven with a light, carpet in my bedroom. And I want a green lawn, with water that comes from the tap without having to turn a pump on. And I want the blood to stop dripping from my chin onto my shirt. Because I'm out of Napisan.

But I'm better now. I returned home at a much more sedate pace, was lovingly tended by my baby girl who thought an aishe-pak would fix it all and rang my beloved for some soothing comfort.

After establishing that the four-wheeler was unharmed, his concern for the welfare of the mother of his children was quite heartfelt.


  1. Old Nev Said: Are there pictures?
    PS. Hope you are alright, no scratches or bruises or breaks. Geeze you know how to worry a bloke.

  2. Hmmm, been there done that. Fell off a two wheeler at great speed once and knocked myself out cold. I remember coming to consciousness hearing Dad yelling at me for wrecking the bike. Never mind my head!!

  3. Hello...
    First of all happy to hear after some attention from your little one that you're physically and emotionally ok :)
    And second of all just discovered your blog and I love it. Those Gingerbread men look great too :)



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