Thursday, 17 December 2009

Have you Finished your Xmas Shopping?

Well hell no honey, I haven't even started.
I've been asked that question every trip to town since early November.

It's generally about this time of year I start wondering why I scoffed at all those supermums back in July. You know the ones. The ones busily darting between toy sales and pre-stocktake sales at Kmart, Target and Big W, frantically lay-bying gifts for their loved ones. The same ones who in October tell you how amazingly busy they've been wrapping and boxing and labelling and stashing gifts in cupboards.

What, may I ask, is the fun in that?

What, pray tell, are they doing between now and next Friday?

Now me, on the other hand - the anti-supermum, will pack her beloveds into a car at an ungodly hour tomorrow morning, head to town to face a 39 degree day (will be packing an overnight bag for fear of not getting finished), battle the crowds, force my children to sit with Santa for a photo (after annual hair-trims), part with more money than one should, buy not only all my Christmas gifts, but also the Christmas grocery shop, then attempt to fit all said items plus four kids in the car for the trip home. All the while screaming threats that if they even dare to glimpse towards the burgeoning pile of boxes and bags in the back of the car, that so help me I will put the car in auto-pilot, climb over the back seat, smack you all with my shoe and tie your hands together with my belt. HO, Ho, ho!!!

See the little angels they were five years ago.

Christmas shopping in July.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. May the force be with you (you're going to need it)!!

  2. LOL!!!!!!! This was so hilarious! I'm done..but I finished yesterday.

  3. I agree with you. Where is the fun being organised. My hubby asked me last night "so are we all organised for Christmas presents", like he would know anyway. I do it all!!

  4. Well I got my presents for some people last April! Now I have no one to give them to. Flamin'rain.
    Old Nev.

  5. I'm so glad you're not one of those supermum types....I feel better already. I was just thinking about an hour ago...hmmm, how and when am I going to get to the shops to buy the kids their presents? I also need to do the Santa photo thing. Ughh. Be thinking of you! Meredith xo.

  6. Haven't done mine either...but I'm never organised.



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