Tuesday, 29 December 2009

It's Raining

There were only limited grumbles yesterday when the six of us were bringing a mob of cattle in to the yards and the heavens opened above us. Soaked to the bone we pushed the cattle to the closest paddock to the house, wished them well and made a quick dash for home. With saddles hurriedly pulled off and horses bushed, it was hot showers and hot coffees all round. But no complaints. We've had over three inches of rain in the past ten days. Puddles abound and green grass is pushing it's way through. Cattle have left the molasses troughs, and headed further afield chasing green pick. One job I'm not going to miss!

Along the way we picked up a young heifer in obvious calving difficulty, joined her in with our mob and brought her home. Unfortunately we pulled a dead breech baby out of her. Hopefully she'll be fine after a little care for a couple of days.

Our preg-test results were rather pleasing, considering the dire climatic conditions we were experiencing at the time of our last flush. Came in at close to 60%, a great result for transferred embryos. Now with a little rain, we'll launch into another program.

Grandi (Matthew's mum) arrived Sunday evening for a few days with us. Was like the second coming of Santa with very excited kids looking for lights at the gate much of the evening.

So now it's starting to feel just as Christmas is meant to.

Short, sharp showers keep moving over us, ensuring the dryer is being given a workout for the first time in a long time. Rows of jeans hang in the shed.

Cricket is playing on the TV, 1000 pieces of jigsaw are scattered over the sewing table, the smell of smoking bacon drifts from the shed, and both Peter Watt and Bryce Courtney are calling my name. Bliss. And we've just whipped a cheesecake up for a special 'forty-something' year old birthday boy.

This is what Christmas is meant to be.


  1. I remember reading your wish list for Santa a few weeks ago. I thought to myself, "Not even Santa himself could pull off such a task." I am happy to say I was wrong.

    Bad days are good for the soul... They teach us to appreciate the good ones.

  2. Old Nev says,
    Well,well,well, Fancy the rain coming along on Christnas week. Don't know how one gets such wisdom. Could be seventeen years of diary records. Have a great birthday Lump from the North. I'll just poke along.



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