Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tammy and Ruby

Two new members were inducted into 'Team RockWallaby' yesterday.

You may recall Fred the Wonderdog going off to perform fathering duties some months ago. These two are our share of the resulting twelve.

Tammy's mum is Star, a hard-biting, hard-working career girl who when given the opportunity competes in many trials across the state. Tammy is a little more timid than Ruby, but has already bonded with her new 'pack'.

This is Ruby. She is a full-sister to Steel, already a worthy member of our workforce. Their mum Bronze is a much awarded trial dog. Ruby is cheeky, adventurous and would much prefer to sleep in the lounge room than the laundry.

These two little girls enter our team with high expectations already weighing on their sleek black shoulders. They have entered into a life of selfless dedication, loyalty and compliance (hope you're hearing that girls).

And if they're anything like their dad, the only reward they will want in return, is a little bit of occasional lovin'.

Which shouldn't be a problem.


  1. You are making me envious - we have been dogless for over a year now - Husband is not keen on having another.



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