Friday, 11 December 2009

The Week that Was

The week started with a little bit of branding. All in anticipation of weaning between Xmas and New Year. Always a rather hot and dirty job, all the moreso on a 39 degree day, with a furnace roaring approximately 2 feet behind you. Kids were on hand to bring calves up the crush and hold tails, run ear-pliers and vaccinations. Sal and Wallace hung in as long as they could, before the heat overtook them and they headed for home.

Tammy and Ruby were relocated to their new abode.

And introduced themselves to their neighbours.

This foxy little devil was born this morning. He's definitely not an embryo calf, think his mum may have had a dalliance with a neighbour's bull. SSShhhh. I'm sure he think he's rather handsome.

And of course yesterday we celebrated Family Fun Day, which involved some three-legged racing, some egg and spoon racing, sack races as well as an afternoon of frivolity in the pool. Mums and Dads all over our area are sporting tight spots and stretched muscles that hadn't been used for quite some time!

Tonight we head into school for Presentation Night.
Then begins six weeks of no schedules, no buses, no cut lunches.

And PS. It didn't rain.
Just in case I haven't mentioned it before.

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