Monday, 25 January 2010

All in the Name of Art

As much as I dream of a more cultural existence, when it all boils down we're just not the arty type. When you spend 40% of your working life with your hand up a cow's bum, either fertilising her, flushing her or implanting her, there's just not a lot of room for flowery romance. But still, I can dream.

And so, I will ensure my offspring experience all forms of getting in touch with their artistic sides.

And if that means investing $3.95 in a bucket of chalk and letting them loose on one of the rainwater tanks, well so be it.

All in the name of culcha!


  1. I sounded like your kids when I was little, and then my mom enrolled me in ballet lessons. And I actually loved it. But that meant many morning feeding the steers with curlers in my hair before I headed off to a dance competition. A little big of ying and yang I guess.

  2. I reckon Pro Hart or Norman Lindsay started out like that. :)

  3. Love the drawings. Mine draw on the concrete slab in the shearing shed yards.

  4. What great fun! At the school I teach in (a one room country school with 15 ranch kids from K - 8th grade), they sometimes love to go and draw.



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