Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Houston, we have a Problem

It would appear that my PC is in need of some TLC.
As a critically important member of our team, we are hoping her absence is a short one. She is enjoying a well-earned break in town, and will hopefully come home refreshed and ready to face the challenges of 2010.
In the meantime our lives as we know them have somewhat altered.
With Matthew unable to access the weather-sites, we have no idea whether it's hot or cold, and with hay due to be cut next week, we wonder how we'll cope!
With wages to pay, accounts to enter, BAS's to complete and of course, blogs to post, we really are dependent on that little machine. In the meantime, maybe I'll just have to iron, it still seems to be working.

So, until next time.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was typed from my mum's computer in town.


  1. It's a problem that's still not overly talked about - husbands' addictions to the Bureau of Meteorology website. I have a friend whose husband keeps nicking off with the car. He takes it up to the local shops to put it in the undercover carpark when he sees any signs of hail on the BOM. At our house we have no idea if its going to storm without consulting the computer. Looking out the window is no longer accurate enough.

  2. Sorry that last comment was from me, Julie McConnell. I can't work this stuff out!

  3. Aaargh, no way to check BOM! I feel the pain. Hope your link to upper level troughs and synoptic charts is restored soon.

    I left another tag for you over at my site, if you have time it would be a bit of fun.




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