Friday, 15 January 2010

If You're Happy and You Know it

....then you really ought to show it.

At least according to Meredith, a wonderful fellow-blogger who has 'tagged' me to list ten items of happiness in my life.

So, in true list-making form, something I do now, as part of my 2010 focus to become a more organised person, here we go:

1. This team of youngsters. Known to evoke every range of emotions in this mother, but mainly happiness. It is particularly heart-lifting watching them grow, develop and learn to love and share our interests.

2. Rain. Possibly an inbuilt genetic predisposition in every person trying to eke a living from the land. Rain is our life-blood, the great provider of life. So no matter where or when, the sound of rain on a roof always brings a smile.

3. My first morning coffee. Made by my husband without fail every morning of the week. If for no other reason, I'll keep him just for this.

4. Books. Have had my head stuck in one since youth. Unfortunately the drudgery of daily routine doesn't allow me to indulge in reading now as much as I'd like, but the Christmas period would not be complete without hour after hour of soul-rebuilding reading.

5. An empty Ironing Basket. Almost an impossibility, but still one must dream.

6. Friends. Some people acquire great numbers of these, something I haven't done, just a few true gems. Sue B, with whom I shared a hall at residential college so many years ago, then a flat, now we share tales of teething, toilet-training and tantrums; Loreena, who I met not long after, who I've been through a divorce with (hers, not mine), shared the joy of her second marriage and subsequent first baby; and Sue G, who I've only got to know in the past few years and lives a very similar life to me, close by, we have really become close friends. These three special people, some of whom I don't talk to as often as I should, always make me happy when I do.

7. Fridays. Have always been special. I grew up in a household where Friday was a very special day of the week. A few drinks, a special meal were always part of Friday night tradition, one we are continuing in this household.

8. Green Grass. Probably closely related to Point 2. Can't help but feel joy gazing upon my freshly mowed brilliant green lawn, then further afield at the paddocks, not so long ago parched and brown.

9. Cows. I love cattle. Always have. Always will. There's no greater time than early spring when the first babies of the season start to arrive.

10. and...this bloke.
...most of the time.


  1. I really like the way you write - and I really like the fact that the things that make you happy aren't material things. That's a good way to be. Cheers.

  2. The "bloke" looks a true family man!

  3. Psst...I have one more thing to add to your happy list.(which is beautiful by the way) You won the giveaway! Hip hooray! When you get a chance, just send me your details and I can forward them on to the good folks at Buyster and they will look after you. (The voucher includes free delivery).

    Meredy xo.



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