Tuesday, 26 January 2010

It's All About the Kids

For quite some time, the kids along with two of their school-mates down the road, have been scheming some grand overnight camping adventure. And we could only stall them so long.

We did however manage to thwart their plans of camping on the edge of a mosquito-riddled dam where we would have beat ourselves black and blue swatting mozzies into the wee hours of the morning.

So the tent was erected not far from the house for the kids, allowing spoilt mums and dads to 'camp' as nature intended - showered, in clean PJ's, on a Sealy Posture-pedic in a fly-screened rooved establishment.

We still took the kids down to the dam for a spot of water-sports.

...and returned to a beautifully cooked rolled roast done in the camp oven in the coals. (obviously some time after this photo was taken). With accompanying potatos and sweet potato cooked in foil, the meal was divine.

Of course, twisters followed for dessert. Damper mixture pressed around a stick and cooked over the coals. After cooking, the stick is pulled out and sticky sweet syrup poured down the hole left by the stick. Who needs chocolate cherry torte?

And of course you can't have a fire without toasted marshmallows can you?

And here endeth our school holidays.


  1. What a good day the kids had - pity about returning to school!

  2. what a great night out ... camp oven roast and my fave twisters. Now you have brought back some memories.

  3. Those baby rock wallabies are going to have so many fond memories of their childhood, they'll never leave home....

  4. Looks like the kids had a fabulous time...and those twisters sound yum to me xx

  5. Aww, looks like fun!! Loved the pics too!!

  6. What great fun!! What a beautiful place you live in. x



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