Saturday, 30 January 2010

A New Beginning

This week saw the page turn on a new chapter in my life.

A childless chapter.

No more will I sit with my baby over a cup of morning coffee discussing the likelihood of Justine from Play School changing the colour of her hair again, whether Big Ted is Little Ted's dad, or big brother, whether when she grows up she'll just chase brumbies from Monday to Friday, then rodeo on weekends, or whether she'll breed cows as well as horses, or just horses.

I had my first trip to town in ten years on my own.
And I shed a tear.
Got about ten k's down the road when I looked in the rear-vision mirror and noticed the empty back seat. No "where are we now Mum?", no "can we play I-spy?", no "I need a wee!" Just a lonely grey leather seat.

And I know it's all for the best. I know they have to grow up. And I know she was ready for school. It's just the closing of a really special chapter of my life. I've loved having babies, watching them grow and develop, loved having them by my side. So just for this little while I'm a little sad that it's over. But I'll be sure to enjoy these next two years, before I lose my beautiful firstborn to boarding school!

Perish the thought!


  1. Aww, it is sad to see them grow, but like you said, thats what they are to do... mine are growing sooo fast, but I cherish every moment!! Thanks for sharing!! :)



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