Sunday, 10 January 2010

Week 1, 2010.

The first week of 2010 has ended showing much promise for the year ahead. With beautiful rain since Christmas, the land is transforming before our eyes. Can you believe that the above photo is of the same paddock shown below, and only a month ago. Clearly a case of "just add water". Matthew planted forage after the first inch, and with about another five on top, we'll be making hay while the sun shines in a month or so.

This week saw much achieved.
A little burning,

a little cleaning, a little gardening, a day mustering at "Chabo",

(hard to believe it was also in the grips of drought less than a month ago).

We also had a trip to town to purchase school supplies (so proud of myself getting in so early), only to find many shops close to sold out of many items - how organised are these mums!!! Sarah and Jess are still enjoying time in town with Nan and Grandad, while Wallace and Sally have spent most days harassing their poor old ponies, who are starting to cringe when they see this pair of buckaroos approaching.

Sal of course has a full time job keeping the pump running.

This beautiful baby girl's enjoying an increased milk supply as mum rejoices in some green grass.

These fellas couldn't believe their eyes when flying over this dam. Where the heck did all this water come from!?!

Puppies are growing, and new babies are falling.

Here's to a wonderful 2010.


  1. Lovely pics! The calf looks blissfully happy.

  2. That's awesome!! Love the pics too!!


  3. I just can't believe the transformation that's taken place in only a few short weeks after some decent rain! I'm so happy for you all. Very impressed that you've even thought of school supplies, let alone shopped for for those other Mum's - they're just showing off don't you think?

    I love the photos of your property and your gorgeous children in all their resourcefulness. Have you ever visited The Pioneer Woman's blog? It's on my sidebar if you wanted the link. You two have a lot in common. I'm sure you would love her. Meredy xo.

  4. Great to see what a drop of rain can do :)Everything seems to be right after a bit of rain.



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