Monday, 4 January 2010

Where There's Smoke...

The air around our district is thick with smoke at the moment. Everybody taking the opportunity after last week's rain to cleanse the land of the rank, dry, protein-deficient grass that has haunted us the past year. And it has to happen fast. Before the green grass fighting its way through becomes too long and thick to allow a fire to burn.

We joined the firebugs today. A lane that hasn't been burnt for many years. Full of rank worthless grass.

And despite the green shoot poking its head through, it certainly carried a fire.

All hands were on deck. All with black faces, legs and sore, sore eyes.

And just in case something was to go wrong, we had this team along.


  1. No carbon farming here? He was always a Pyro - boy could I tell some stories ;)

  2. As we drove north over the past two days we noticed plenty of landholders tidying up using the fire-bug method. Great to see your family bush-fire brigade on hand.



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