Saturday, 6 February 2010

A Tale of Two Olga's

Remember this beautiful Olga. She's a first class paid-up member of "Team RockWallaby", stepping up to the plate last year to foster this baby boy whose ungracious mother walked away from him with barely a backward glance.

This week we've seen the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Olga bring forth the most beautiful gift of all in the form of sweet, soaking rain.

Just over ten inches in total.

(Try to look past my obvious weed problem - minor technical hitch with the roundup spray unit recently). With Wallace driving the four-wheeler (roundup tank and pump in back), and me walking dragging the hose, my partner backed over the hose, pulling it from the tank, breaking the much needed "rhino-fibulo-elbow" thingamajig, causing much panic as roundup was pumped furiously from said tank, while I screamed instructions to shut down the bike. We now have quite a pattern of dead grass in front lawn. Never mind.

And so what a wonderful start to the year. A little different scenario to not so many weeks ago.

And most of Queensland has shared the joy. Hopefully New South Wales' turn is coming.


  1. I remember the quenched feeling so well, having grown up farming in dry African Savannah. When those rains come, it is like all is right with the world, even though it is might not be in reality. Yay for those puddles! xx

  2. I miss you too. So glad your rain was a gift, not a curse. Blessings, C



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