Thursday, 4 February 2010

If you can't Beat'em...

After bagging Education Queensland and their innane policies regarding staffing models, I'm now being paid by them!

(Well, who's having the last laugh now!!!)

While one of our wonderful teacher aides at school takes a well-earned break for six months, I'm filling in three days a week. Now if you've ever doubted the level of chaos that exists in this house of a morning, throw in a mother with no natural Nigellability to make lunches, who's preferred dress code includes blundstones and faded jeans; two missing school hats; a slightly chewed library book; a very smelly lunch box; an over-tired preppie and we're talking some serious angst in this household three mornings a week!

And which of course leads us to the other four days a week which are now hell-for-leather, going gangbusters, clock-watching, buzzing like blue-bummed flies kinda crazy. Getting the picture?

But it's great! So far so good. The kids just love having Mum come to school with them. How long can this last! And our whole school is just full of these wonderful little sponges so eager to learn, to please, to soak it all up. They make you proud!

...and I'll show Education Queensland! This mum's not going to see her kids' education suffer through some ridiculous staffing model that suggests regional children are somewhat more dispensable in the education stakes!!!


  1. Good on you! Well done! Seems you are already doing what I had thought may be possible!

  2. oh have fun! Its nice to be part of a solution :)



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