Thursday, 25 February 2010

Roses are Red...

On life's barometer of 'hecticness', the needle seems to be heading dangerously close to the red zone at the moment. I obviously omitted blogging from my monthly planner when jotting in ET programs, working at school, AI'ing heifers, swimming lessons, weaning, staff meetings, preg-testing, Show meetings, Pony Club, P & C commitments and all the other engagements that seem to have crowded my originally pristine planner.

Meanwhile we're enjoying sunshine for the first time in a few weeks and the grass is growing beautifully. Cattle and horses are getting fat and shiny and last year's drought is settling into the annals of history. Unfortunately the reminders are present in the form of lower preg-rates, later calves, over-stretched overdrafts and a lack of 'finished' cattle ready to send to slaughter.

Sally has survived her first four weeks of school, although there is already some complaint of 'hating' school, usually preceeding a collapse into bed for a two hour nap before tea.

Wallace is in the bad books at the moment, having neglected his afternoon chore of feeding chooks and collecting eggs yesterday, and also sneaking onto my computer to play a game (a punishable offence, with no child allowed to touch the computer without parental approval, and even then only after a series of questions, rules and set parameters rivalling entry to the oval office). He now faces seven days of non-computer-contact time at school as well as home, and no pocket-money.

But Maaaaahhhhhhmmm!

Meanwhile these beauties have been enjoying the rain.

After starting life in beautiful lush Victoria, these babies have had a rather tumultuous journey to this point. Arriving bare-rooted over a year ago, they were greeted by a dry, rather warm Queensland welcome, planted into an often neglected garden bed and watered with bore water hard enough to bounce rocks off. After much suffering they were again uprooted and placed in these pots around some old tanks, where they can now enjoy rainwater, as their beverage of choice. But it hasn't stopped raining since their move, and they're voicing their joy in full colour.

Since talking of days of sunshine when starting this post earlier in the day, we've since...
enjoyed yet another inch of rain.

No complaints.


  1. Hello! I found your blog through a friends. The roses are beautiful and your cattle are the same, too! Please stop by our blog anytime.


  2. Wow!! Poor Wallace! He may think twice before neglecting the chooks and playing computer games next time - the desired effect I guess.

    It's good to have you back - I've been checking in every day and figured that the 3 days a week at school was taking its' toll on your blogging time.



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