Saturday, 27 February 2010

Rostered On

We've always expected our children to help out around home. No different to children all over the world. Kids need to learn responsibility from an early age. In an era where nobody seems to want to take responsibility for their own actions, I'd like to think we're doing our part to create responsible mature little people, who will grow into mature, responsible contributing adults.

We've never paid our kids for this contribution, nor have they ever asked to be. They've always understood they're part of a team.

But this year with the onset of school banking, we've decided it's time they began to appreciate the concept of earning and saving. And no child should be denied their own little tin 'Commonwealth Bank Building' money-box. Right? In fact do they still have them?

And so, the front of our fridge now boasts a tattered little roster, typed in Excel, but with gridlines added by ruler and 2B pencil later. Tasks such as unpacking the dishwasher, feeding dogs, feeding pups, collecting eggs and feeding chooks, setting the table all listed. I was pleased to see Sarah and Jess giving themselves most of the jobs, eight each, Wallace six and Sally five. And provided they complete all their jobs, they receive $2.

Wallace has already bombed out in his first week. Forgot to feed the chooks.
It's tough when you've also got to find time to save the world from evil!

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