Monday, 8 March 2010

A Leisurely Sunday Drive

The three B's are attributed with revolutionising the cattle industry in our part of the country. Blade-ploughing, Buffel grass and Brahman cattle. And there are no arguments here.

Having spent yesterday at Chabo with buffel waist high, Fred the Wonderdog had to do a lot of jumping just to keep the cattle in sight.

With wet weather still hanging around these parts, our plan for the day was somewhat altered. As we slid through a number of 'greasy' spots in the truck with fingers crossed, we were spending a lot of time looking at the clouds again closing in.

With plans to muster the mountain country and finally get some cows away to meatworks, by the time we backed onto the ramp and the first rain started to fall, we instead raced in a close paddock of heifers destined to come home, sped them onto the truck and pointed our noses for home.

There's nothing like a wet smelly old dog for a travelling companion on a long drive home.

1 comment:

  1. what lovely photos of gorgeous and threatening
    clouds and luscious green pastures.

    i know how hard the work is though, because
    we did it every summer when i was growing up.




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