Saturday, 13 March 2010

Pretty in Pink

There just aren't enough superheros wearing pink these days.

Bath towels don't feature much either.

But when there are verandah railings to scale...

Just remember...
...spread your arms and hold your breath and always trust your cape.


  1. Oh goodness, how adorable is she in her little costume! I absolutly LOOOOVE it!

  2. Love the last photo; imagination is a great thing to have.
    In reply to your question during the week (I don't know how else to reply so hope you don't mind me doing it via your blog) - my camera is a Canon EOS 350D, bought several years ago and superseded a couple of times now. The extension tube is a Canon EF25 II; great for the closeup shots. As you can tell from quite a few of my photos, there's a nasty black spot which I think lurks on the mirrors inside the camera body itself. I'd dearly like to buy a new one (my brother has the Canon D90) but I haven't quite committed yet. Cheers.



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