Sunday, 21 March 2010

Remember This?

Hard times.

Terrible days.

And now this...

..and it doesn't seem to know how to stop.

Still no complaints.

Having closely monitored the forecast path of Tropical Cyclone Ului all of this week, we are somewhat relieved to only be feeling the outermost reaches of his grasp, with rain falling last night and today, close to two inches now.

Unfortunately, flushing was on today's agenda, a job that cannot be put off due to weather, illness or lack of motivation. From Day 1 of the needling program to align donor and recipient cows through to Day 19, no deviation from the calendar is allowed, so come rain, sleet or snow, today we had to flush.

So with gumboots donned, raincoats reached for and hats pulled low, we made it through.

Children were given strict orders to remain housebound, to ring the yards only in case of emergency and to ensure all washing was folded and put away before our return.

They did good!


  1. What a transformation and what a difference a month can make. Good to hear you got the flushing done - at least it's over and in nine months you'll have forgotten how horrible today was when you've got newborns on the ground. Also good to hear there were no emergencies back at the house!

  2. I am finding your blog FASCINATING! I found it through Ranch Girl's and have been pouring over it while my little one snoozes.

    My husband harvested a few seasons in Australia before we were married and speaks of it all so fondly. He went to Ag college over there for a semester too....

    So great, and so encouraging to see the dry, dry land look so different. My gf here from my hometown married a farmer in Aus and they are bone dry where they are at now....I know she is discouraged and feels lonely sometimes as it's all so different. I'm going to pass along the link to your blog...I think she would enjoy it and finding it.

    Thanks so much for sharing a bit of your life!



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